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Fiber spinning anti-bacterial and anti-mite solution
Stationery antimicrobial and mildew proof solution
Antibacterial and anti-mildew solutions for automobiles
Fiber, film deodorant solution
Antimicrobial and mildew proof solutions for household necessities
Thin film antimicrobial and mildew proof solution
Cushion antimicrobial and mildew proof solution
Antimicrobial solutions for nonwoven fabrics
Melt spray cloth antibacterial solution
Home appliances antimicrobial and mildew prevention solutions
Toilet lid antibacterial solution
PEVA membrane antimicrobial and mildew proof solution
Toothbrush antimicrobial and mildew proof solution
Nano silver
Nanometer zinc
Anti mite agent
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About us

Shanghai Ecolin Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2014, is a professional engaged in antibacterial, mildew, anti-mite, and other functional new materials independent research and development, application of technical enterprises. Based on the Evenclean brand, the economic road of deep catering to ecological priority and green development. For our customers to provide health, safety, environmental protection, green new development direction.

Related industries: construction, automobile, medical and health care, paint, plastics, aquatic products, spinning, etc. The company with professional technology, sales team, more than 10 years of market segment application experience. Able to quickly and accurately provide customers with a series of professional and effective solutions; Guide customers to establish antibacterial, mildew, mite and other industrial system.

Shanghai ekelin technology co., LTD. Mainly supply antifungal agent, silver ion antiseptic agent, copper ion antiseptic agent, zinc ion antiseptic agent.

  • SIAA
    Member of Technical Association for Antimicrobial Products of Japan
  • CIAA
    Member of China Antimicrobial Industry Association